Thursday, 21 May 2015

You don't understand - you're dealing with Catholics now

So that's me done with the old scanning now.  Regular readers of the blog will notice that I've been scanning these old comics at such a slow rate it might actually have been faster if I'd conceived, written, drawn, coloured, lettered, and then artificially aged each and every page of this comic myself, but you would be wrong about that because it would have taken exactly the same amount of time if I had done that.  Which I haven't.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I was defending the fantasy genre with terminal intensity

Simon Pegg has denounced the trappings of geekdom as childish, but I vehemently disagree - kids aren't as close-minded and conservative as geeks are.  Personally I think it'd be great if geeks were childish - if they had a love of the risky, the outlandish, the new and the exciting, instead of the same few tired old tropes wrapped up in reboots and chauvinism, like that Trek franchise that stars that English comedian... what was his name again..?  I'm sure it'll come to me later.
I suspect that some glib comments have simply been blown out of proportion to drive up web traffic for a struggling website, though I don't discount that Pegg might be trying to reinvent himself as a Hollywood sellout so that people will take him seriously as a screenwriter on the other side of the pond - and if that's how the creator of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead wants to roll, I can't as a fan of both begrudge him.

Monday, 18 May 2015

I don't get the tattoo thing, he looked like the wall of a bar's bathroom

Nearly done... erm... scanning the final War Cars pages, so only a hit-and-run post today, to paste a screen-grab before speeding off into the dawn.  Handily, it looks like I'll be finished with this post-apocalyptic car racing thing right before I go see Mad Max Fury Road.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Turns out my dad and terrorists have similar tastes

There's an old saying that's always fascinated me: "A thief, above all other things, fears that he will be robbed." which is a great saying about how what a man does in life defines him and how he views the world.

"We cannot allow these workshy layabouts to get something for nothing from the British taxpayer" they tell us as they drink at a free bar in the house of Commons, have their meals and houses paid for, vote themselves raises, and sell public property and infrastructure to companies they will later work for.
"Violence on the streets will not be tolerated" they tell us as they send armored thugs into the streets against women and children.
"We can't have the EU dictating what human rights we have" they tell us as they change laws to avoid being charged with human rights violations.
"We can't go on a pedophile witch-hunt" they tell us months before it emerges they've been suppressing an investigation into their own MPs raping and murdering children.
"We will stamp out ideological extremists that are hell-bent on destroying our way of life" they tell us now, as they get ready to scrap the human rights act, to "create a threshold under which human rights no longer apply", to declare strike action illegal, to criminalise protest, to take benefits from the most vulnerable, to force the unemployed into working for corporations for nothing like the slaves in a cyberpunk novel or something - all a bit mad if you think about it, but no madder than the fact we accept it.
God, here we are at the final paragraph and I've forgotten where I was going with the theme of this post.  I'm terrible at this writing thing.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I don't know about "the world", but I'm about to end YOUR FACE

Nashville is the usual USTV drama, but it's also got a subversive streak in that, while almost all USTV dramas are about the wealthy, affluent or middle classes and the dramas specific to their income bracket, Nashville is quite clearly a show about white trash, but unlike shows like Revenge or Ray Donovan with equally ludicrous storylines in affluent white American surroundings, it's not actively unpleasant to watch.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

There are two things I won't talk about - taxes and your flying dreams

Last Man Standing YES I AM STILL WATCHING IT LORD HELP ME I HAVE A PROBLEM tries and fails of late to counter its reputation as a right-wing soapbox for noted DUI conviction collector Tim Allen by addressing social issues that I suspect would rarely impact upon the lives of its affluent protagonists, such as homeless families, the plight of war veterans and so on, yet it never seems to address what government was in power when these homeless people or war veterans tossed on the streets like trash were created, even though it will make the effort to go back years to find jokes it can make about Democrats, especially jokes about about "Bill Clinton", who according to Wikipedia was a Democratic president twenty years ago, though I suppose I shouldn't rule out the idea that Tim Allen's material stops being fresh around that time.  I guess I just find it odd that the scriptwriters need to go so far back to find something about the Democrats to make fun of, as there's plenty of stuff to make fun of right now, like the Democrats being in the pocket of oil companies, their waging questionable wars, their refusing to tax the rich, their fear mongering and conservatism and the lasting harm it does to Americans outside the tiny cloister of the super-rich... for some reason, Last Man Standing doesn't want to make fun of these specific and very current issues and I can't imagine why.
But hey, Galaxy Quest was a good movie - am I right?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Do you like the Mentalist? Hands are goin' up - okay, hands are not going up

One of my earliest experiences of Tokusatsu was the opening moments of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, where the main character drives a giant toy across an alien planet's surface and crashes through a wall into a church where dozens of cats are having what is clearly a Christian wedding ceremony, so obviously there's some kind of cultural osmosis going on, most likely fueled by Christianity(1) being the dominant theological orthodoxy of the Western media that permeates the vast majority of popular culture, making it utterly amazing that in the year 2015, someone who lives and works in the West knows absolutely nothing about Christianity beyond the words "God, "Devil", and that angels have wings - although they somehow also do not know that angels are called angels.  Like I say, it's pretty amazing - but "amazing" does not in this instance translate to "good television."
Don't get me wrong, though, The Messengers is not embarrassingly terrible all of the time, most of the time it is competently made and doesn't draw attention to itself or the mountain of cliches it heaps upon your screen, but every five minutes or so there's something so cliched or thick-headed happening that a little voice starts going "holy cats, you are actually sitting here watching this."
The voice continues: "what if someone came in and saw you?  What if that bit was the first thing they saw of this show, and they thought it was like this all the time, and that you choose to watch a show like this?"  I am not saying that you would be less embarrassed if someone came into the room and found you watching pornography, but it's a close thing.  I would probably grab my phone quickly and pretend that I didn't notice what was on my tv because I was busy masturbating to animal-based pornography videos I had saved to my flash card and no you can't see them but they definately exist and I was whacking it hard to them and not watching The Messengers - if that's even what that show is called because I wouldn't know.
That's basically the quality of The Messengers - as long as you are completely alone and no-one knows you're watching it, you could probably sit through an episode, but you would be in no doubt that what you were watching was not very good.  I made it all the way through episode 2, but didn't make it to the end of the recap at the start of episode 3.  I suppose that here in the last paragraph I should thematically link back to the first paragraph's subject matter of Christianity in the media and maybe make some kind of point about the makers of The Messengers not drawing upon Christianity but instead the villainous interpretation of its mythology presented in post-millennial efforts such as Constantine, Supernatural, and Spawn comic books, if for no other reason than that I can also link back to my past posts about tv writing feeding upon itself like a human centipede and the viewer being the person at the back, so that is what I have just done.

(1) And by "Christianity" I of course mean "Protestantism", as Catholicism is only featured in media if they need to do something about guilt, forgiveness, or pedophiles.