Tuesday 8 November 2016

You're what my teacher calls "the crackpot vote"

Today America goes to the polls - tomorrow, America goes to the dogs.  Basically, right now it's like that bit at the end of The Day The Earth Caught Fire with SPOILERS FOR THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE the two different newspaper headlines, one saying "Earth Saved" and the other saying "Earth Doomed" and the slobs in the newspaper office are sitting around waiting to hear which one to send to print, only in the real world, both headlines currently say "America Fucked."
It's not the far right who's to blame, though, nor is it the fault of the far left - it's the fault of the "moderates" who believed that nothing bad would come of creating a mythical center ground of politics defined by monied elites with an apathetic paid-for political commentariat barking along from the sidelines.  Nothing changes, no-one has the power to truly change things, and corporations and bankers get a free pass to foreclose on everyone's homes and businesses - yeah, people were going to just sit back and take that, they were never going to go to the fringe parties and candidates you fucking arseholes.