Friday 21 December 2012

Compared to the rest of the third world we're doing just fine

Wanted to wait until this went up elsewhere before posting, but in association with Zarjaz and to celebrate the birth of Santa, the release of the Shako trade collection and IDW's US format Dredd monthly, here's Judge Dredd fighting a bear.

If you fancy reading it via a Borg distribution node or tablet, it's also available on PDF and CBR.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

I don't mean to be judgey but this is the kind of thing lunatics do.

Just today finished my read-through of John Allison's Scary Go Round, and a fine read while it lasted it was, too, even if coming at it backwards after Bad Machinery just bummed me out at the end as we never did get to see what became of Des Fishman, Comrade Bat or Dark Esther.  Quietly moving in some places, be it the sad and horrible deaths-by-fire of Natalie and Rachael, or the stiff upper lippedness of the ends of the affairs of various characters as they graduate from the strip in it's dying days.
If you are not a dinysaur who needs things in his hands before you will read them and have finally joined the rest of us here in the terrible world of the future, I highly recommend it, if only to see Allison's work mature in front of your eyes as the pages go by.  Plus next year Oni Press starts collecting Bad Machinery so it's probably worth checking out before it blows up huge and you're SO SICK OF THE BLOODY SIGHT OF IT YOU WILL NEVER ENJOY IT AGAIN.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

My real name isn't Angel Dynamite

Whoopsy daisy forgetting to post again.
Anyway, still drawing Dredd, still finding I only make headway when I get out of bed and sit down and work - I swear, it's almost like there is some sort of connection between not staying in bed playing videogames and actually getting something done.
If I had posted last week, I would likely have posted a link to the shitstorm in a teacup that was comics genius Grant Morrison  writing a snide, itemised, meticulously researched 5000 word response to an internet article.
So now we know - when you read something that is incorrect on the internet, don't just go about your day like ONE OF THEM, sit down, decide on an editorial direction for your response, then throw obsessively-collated facts at each and every sentence of the article and sign off by saying that you're in no way bothered by what the article was saying - because that's how genius rolls.