Tuesday 30 June 2009

Tuesday 30th June 2009

All finished watching ATHF :(
Time to catch up with my toku.

Monday 29 June 2009

Monday 29th June 2009

Out of bed later than usual, finish sketch, sketch is awful - don't care, only a bit of fun.
Watching: True Blood, ATHF

Sunday 28th June 2009

Quick sketches are never quick when you're doing other things - like a 'late to the party' GTA4 online deathmatch. That was bloody fun, but I suspect being run over by a car in real life isn't quite as entertaining.
I'm off t'bed, online sketching competitions can wait until tomorrow...

Saturday 27 June 2009

Saturday 27th June 2009

More half-assed doodles brought about by the daaaaaaamn hot weather, still as the desert yet rife with pollen, dammit. I'm also in the process of artist-ifying the flat so I can have some elbow room to draw, rather than being cramped into a 'study' at the back of the living room.
Watching: Greek, Brak, Kamen Rider Decade, Goldeneye, Robin Hood
Listening: Michael Jackson: Best of, REO Speedwagon: the Hits
Playing: Fallout 3

Friday 26th June 2009

Damn hot, damn busy, and just had the day capped off with a kick in the teeth from someone of whom I'd expected better - which is actually the real pisser more than the actual (metaphorical) teeth-kick. Always sad when people let you down...
Finally set my mind to sitting down and getting the stuff finished that I've promised to people, like the short stories I promised I'd illustrate yet have not made much of an effort about, despite them being good showpieces.
Watching: Greek, Smackdown, Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Brak Show
Listening to: Off The Wall - just because...

Thursday 25 June 2009

Thursday, 25th june 2009

Still pretty snowed under at work, so any would-be creative enterprises are taking a back seat. My version of down-time today came in the form of photoshopping a little doggie onto a green background, which made me happy. The details of his passing made me sad.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Wednesday, 24th June 2009

Bloomin' hen night shirts. If I see one more Whacky Wendy or Syphilitic Susan I'll go mental...

Tuesday, 23rd June 2009

Long days at work, not much scribbly time.
Watching: Greek, Mitchell and Webb, The Brak Show
Reading: Jack Staff, Invincible
Listening to: Camera Obscura, Rocky Horror OST

Monday 22 June 2009

Oh right, so I actually have to learn how to use Illustrator now?

Well that plain straight-up sucks right there. Damn thing isn't exactly intuitive.

I should probably be working rather than writing a blog entry...

Sunday 21 June 2009

SUnday 21st June, 2009

Sunday, scribblings away while I catch up with my television, watching:
Greek season 2
ATHF season 5
Damnation Alley
Local pro wrestlers in the local leisure center the evening of last: would have been a lot better with booze and an audience of braying wooden-toothed rednecks, but you can't have everything.

Saturday 20 June 2009

Saturday 20th June 2009

Saturday 20th June 2009

Overtime running off samples for a tender.

Friday 19th June, 2009

Day three on the same pic and I've done pretty much nothing more, but I do have the usual lazy artist excuse of life getting in the way of the lofty pursuit of scribbling little spandex batmen kicking each other in the face. Strange but true - the only reason I bothered drawing today at all is because I had shows to watch and didn't fancy throwing them onto a flash card and watching them through the PS3 as that would mean having to turn off the game I had paused. Thus I had to watch the shows on my pc, and what the hell - while I'm here I'll have a scribble.
Some overtime at work to be done tomorrow, so that'll probably mean the above pic - supposedly a distraction - won't get finished over the weekend, so I'll just pick at it when I can be bothered, I suppose.

Watching: The Unusuals, Harper's Island, Greek season 2, ATHF season 5, Kamen Rider Decade
Playing: Ghostbusters, Fallout 3
Reading: Captain Britain and MI13, Invincible, 2000ad

Friday 19 June 2009

Thursday 18th June, 2009 scribbly at home

Not much to show today for the home scribbles what with work overrunning (damn you, angling school and your desperate need for nik-naks!) and then gym (damn you, Batman: the Brave and the Bold: Legends of the Dark Mite for starting out great and then sort of overplaying the whole wackiness angle to the point my mind wandered! Although the biker Santas were fun), just finished what seemed to be the Greek season finale but didn't have much of a punch to it, added some minor details to Godzilla vs S.H.I.E.L.D., started scribbling rough foreground figures and background details for later 'inking' should time and opportunity present itself, and now I'm away off to bed for some gaming and snoozing.
Watching: Greek season 2 (I guess), ATHF, Deadwood, The Great Silence.
Playing: Fallout 3 - again.
Reading: War of Kings: Ascension, Ultimate Spider-Man, Invincible, Scott Pilgrim.

Thursday 18 June 2009

Thursday 18th june 2009: working!

Wednesday 17th June, 2009

Haven't drawn Godzilla in a while, but I took an odd notion to take a break from drawing talking heads to get something a bit more visually interesting done instead. Add random superheroes and Chuck Norris and hopefully this little detour will produce something suitably incestuous and fan-wanky to help pad out the blog, which as yet still hasn't been graced with I'd originally intended to fill it with - a comic strip that I updated regularly to help get me used to making deadline.
Live and Learn. Watching:
Logan's Run

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Wednesday 17th June, 2009

More insomnia-related posting.
Just some TKT colouring-in - rush job. Need to take the time to learn to colour.
WWE RAW - I wish Ric Flair was new GM too, redneck audience.
Greek - "Dude, I love college!" I gathered the general idea was that once teen soaps got to the college years, people lose interest. Now I know why. I should probably seek out some high school dramas and remind myself they weren't that great.
MORE ATHF - because there's no such thing as too much.
Fallout 3 - so much for going cold turkey for the Game of the Year edition. I'm bossing-up my stats on this bitch, yo. Getting me a killer save.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Tuesday 16th June 2009

More work jiggery-pokery - running up Father's Day mugs for walk-in custom.
Take that, recession!

Monday, 15th June 2009

Scribbling at home, little bit aimless, catching up with my tv: didn't call the killer in Harper's Island after all - or did I? Could be a swerve yet.
True Blood is back - yay!
More Greek - mm.
Kamen Rider Decade - yay!
Shinkenger - meh.
Deadwood - hm.
ATHF - yus!

Monday 15 June 2009

Still working hard...

Workin' hard...

Random stuff from work - must make a habit of screen-grabbin' here more often.

Monday 15th June, 2009

Insomnia-prompted post.
Just doodling at the moment, catching up with my drivel viewing. I've just watched three episodes of Greek in a row - still awake and can't explain it.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Sunday 14th June 2009: Things I can't draw but are WIP anyway...

Cities... All those sharp, straight edges, then the blobby stuff like people and plants create a dodgy mix, I think. I find textures help lift it a little, but each of the windows - including shopfronts - needs to have detail drawn into them, each person on the street needs to be drawn, and then the almost-hilarious colouring process begins and I start to think about giving up.

Saturday 13 June 2009

saturday 13th june 2009

Pished as a fart, but admittedly it doesn't take much these days. Just finishing off a page that has taken what seems like forever, but in all likelihood has only taken about 6 hours altogether, not factoring in going to work, going to movies, playing videogames, and drinking myself daft while watching grown men get sweaty and rub their bodies against each other. On the tv.
On a professional wrestling program.


Thursday 11 June 2009

thursday 11th june 2009

Busy day at work today, so not much drawing done.
We were running off shirts for something called 'The Bar Library', which to me sounds like either the worst bar ever, or the best library.

Tuesday 9 June 2009

june 9 2009

Practically just sketching today, but yet another screen-grab masquerading as a blog entry greets you here. I've noticed it sometimes helps on longer vertical panels to rotate the canvas and use the tablet as if it were a sketchpad, but even at lower resolutions than usual (200dpi as seen in the Turbo Katie panel above), it's kind of a tight working area.
Just off to see Terminator: Salvation. Hoping it's better than reviews suggest, but to be honest, I never take any notice of those since I watched and enjoyed Bachelor Party, Batman and Robin, and even Val Kilmer's Saint redux. Low expectations, I suppose, but I enjoyed the last Terminator as well.

Monday 8 June 2009

Monday 8th June 2009

Nothing beyond doodles today. Softly softly catchee monkey, I suppose.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Another productive Sunday.

Yeah, the title of this post is a bit of a lie.
Pretty lazy day again. I noticed someone wearing a cloak while I was out and about, and while this seems to elicit a certain type of response among the older members of the community, it tends to make me feel like Cookstown isn't that far from civilization because we have kids not afraid to roll like they gotta walking our streets rather than the usual baseball cap/sportswear ensemble bedecking the colourful array of metrosexual ingenues that populate the town. I don't think I'd object so much to the latter wardrobe if it accompanied some sort of physical activity, but that makes me a bit of a hypocrite, as I'm the laziest devil I know.

I know I only got out of bed at two o'clock and spent most of the day playing old PS2 games before wandering into the 'study' around six to catch up with my wrestling and movies while doodling on the computer, but it's nearly ten and I think I'll finish 'working' and get in some serious PS3 time so I'll feel I've actually achieved something with my life today.

Saturday 6 June 2009

snapsot of a weekend

Obligatory daily update, and not much to report beyond the usual saturday routine of sleeping in late on a glorious morning only to wake up later so I can go into town and get to the bank and find the weather's turned to bloomin' rain. Then gym to watch me programmes, which are admittedly thin on the ground with the end of the US season, but I still have anime to catch up with, ranging from the under-appreciated Turn A Gundam (an entry in the giant robot genre inspired by the Studio Ghibli visual aesthetic) to the tweener fantasy Magical Witch Squad Alice (a Harry Potter-influenced cross-dimensional adventure that turned up in the west as Tweeny Witches, and features visuals veering from functional to exceptional alongside a great musical score). After the gym, back home for dinner and a lie down to recover from all that effort and beery haze for an hour or two while I catch up with my Star Wars rewatch to coincide with Phantom Menace's 10 year anniversary (Lucas isn't credited much as a director, but he's workmanlike enough across both action scenes and drama that he's actually ahead of other 'event movie' directors like Michael Bay who lose it in busy sequences - the prequels aren't as bad as I thought first time around), then off down the cinema for the latest Terminator, although in the end I didn't bother with that and decided to have a wee scribble instead.

Apart from that, I just wandered about, occasionally sitting down for tv catch-up - if Henry is the killer in Harper's Island and the end of episode 8 isn't a bluff, I totally called that in episode 1.


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Wednesday 3 June 2009


I was quite surprised at the idea of the pro-wrestling scene having local promotions operating in my area, but I suppose seeing as there's no central organisation or super-visible mega-corporation this side of the pond raking in the cash from anyone who wants to see a house show, it stands to reason there's lots of little companies dotted around serviced by the guys who have no A-league to aspire to.
There's a local event coming up later in the month being held by an outfit we ran up some shirts for at work, so if the local live music scene lets me down - and it usually does, I'll pop along to that and see how they roll NI style.

Monday 1 June 2009

Random doodle, poor film, hothothot

Doodle: an alternate version of the Fantastic Four comprised of Franklin and Valeria Richards, Molly Hayes and Katie Power. Can't imagine why they'd be the Fantastic Four off the top of my head - maybe the real deal are off in another dimension when trouble arrives on Earth or something - but the basic premise is that each issue would have the characters encountering different heroes from the Marvel universe and eventually punching them in the balls, learning a valuable lesson about trust or friendship along the way.

The doodle came about because I was watching Silent Venom, AKA the film that pointedly isn't called Snakes on a Sub and is all the worserer for it. Luke Perry stumbles around a leftover set while snakes sort of amble around in the background somewhere - it's just not very good: let's leave it at that.
I'm stuck why I thought it would be, or why I watched it in the first place, but it was sweltering today, and I felt suitably guilty being indoors at all.