Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I haven't watched Star Trek since I discovered the strip club near my apartment has a free buffet

Drawing (or trying to draw) clunky robots at the moment, as I go through a barmy phase of delivering what I promise to people.  An insane way to live - I don't recommend it to anyone, you end up with very little time for GCB marathons.
I've also watched the second half of the current season of the terrible 90210 and come to the conclusion that just as certainly as I and many others - teen girls and gay men, mainly - watch it ironically, it is also now being made ironically.  Those involved have no plans for the immediate future so they figure they'll just keep making this, is how I see their production meetings playing out.  You probably should not watch 90210.

Also watched Deadwood's first season... not sure what all the praise is about.  Seems an average western drama with lots of swearing to distract from that, though it's fun spotting who went on to other must-watch telly like Sons Of Anarchy and Treme.


  1. ...and I distinctly remember you posting somewhere that you hate drawing robots!