Monday, 17 September 2012

I can't find the remote and I refuse to stand up

There's this bit in Fallout 3 where - if you are playing through the game with a character who is a total jerk - you're asked by slave traffickers to abduct a child for them to sell, and carrying out this mission was pretty much the only time I've felt dirty playing a videogame until I was trying to get into the phenomenally popular Gears Of War saga and got put off when I made the horrible mistake of looking up on the web why there weren't any female characters in the games (and just to make me doubly warm and fuzzy inside the comics where a lot of this was expanded upon and spelt out without any real challenge or moral condemnation was the top-selling comic book on the shelves when it was published).
And so to Duke Nukem Forever, where topless ladies are torn apart from the inside by alien babies while Duke slaps titties growing from the walls to literally boost his ego (it's an actual game mechanic) and the whole level (and the next) is soundtracked by wailing women who sob for death because saving them is old-fashioned and offensive, so you murder them instead to make the game easier because if you don't, their babies will burst out and try to rape you:

I can only hope the new Tomb Raider is good.

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