Wednesday 31 October 2012

Put your arms around me. I need their warmth to keep the chill of death away.

I'd planned to post a strip daily for the week leading up until today, but life got in the way of that plan so I decided to just bung 'em all up now.  These are awful and I have posted a couple of them here on the blog already, but they are vaguely supernatural or horror-themed and thus appropriate to the season, though they do have the novelty of being roughly a year apart in their creation so you can see a vague progression in the artwork starting with the appalling Binmen of the Apocalypse, which may or may not be the very first comic strip I ever created back in 2005 (it's in a vague tie with Love Is Hell, an Eddie Robson joint that appeared in FutureQuake), and then a year later when I came to draw Mark Woodland's On The Prowl I was clearly going A Bit Mad with Photoshop filters, which it took something like five years for me to stop doing to the point I could do a decent service to people's scripts.
Slightly more worrying than the eye-watering blurs and tragic anatomy would be my clumsy attempts to make jokes about racism that sort of read to me to just be racism, so apologies for that in advance should you dare to read further, but you have my sincerest assurances that I am not a massive racist jerk and merely sound like one.
And, of course, Happy Halloween to you all.

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