Tuesday, 30 July 2013

2 and 2 doesn't make 4 anymore - at the moment it adds up to exactly nothing

Don't mind the rather raw pre-toned artwork, I'm just touching base, chums.

Being a social drinker, I have long known the entertainment value in poking the bear for amusement, but there is always a line in the sand that starts from the idea of basic decency and ends in the notion that no-one wants a smack in the face, and if you are a regular reader you will hardly need telling that I say arsehole things on the web all the time, but I'm not going anywhere and I use my real name - albeit on the blog and Twitter I do so with that crazy taig spelling that makes me look like a mental fenian even more than my occasional statements to the effect that "that there Catholicism, I do that and it's not so bad" does - so I like to tell myself I'm a bit better than certain types of human slime that have popped up on the news recently making cocks of themselves on this here interconnected network, because I am a firm believer that being an arsehole on the internet is a privilege, but it is not compulsory.

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  1. read your links- fuck sake! I can believe people the hate at Bannerman- we all know there's quite a large number of homophobic scum in the world, so no big surprise (distasteful as it is), but threatening to kill a guys family because of minor game tweaks? That's mental.