Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Thank you for saying what none of us were thinking

Holy effing shit I just heard a character in an American drama say that it was bad to privatise something!  I hope someone got fired for putting this, this... economic terrorism onscreen!  I need to cleanse my palate of this Marxist-Leninist propaganda so I have put on some episodes of Last Man Standing and it takes mere minutes for Tim Allen to joke that the Middle Eastern family who have cameras around their home shouldn't be watching their white neighbors, their white neighbors should be watching them, and then the audience laughs in an audibly uncomfortable way even though they know the exact kind of plutocratic conservatism Allen likes to espouse on this show (a couple of weeks back his character unironically laments that "because of Obamacare" he has to pay his employees less to keep making the same level of profit) and they came anyway - perhaps they're worried that the show just casually skirted over the fact that a Middle Eastern family needs security cameras around their home to protect themselves and the supposedly everyman lead character not only couldn't give two fucks but his go-to response is that they should not be allowed this security measure at all?

I love you, American TV, but sometimes you're work.

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