Wednesday, 27 February 2019

WOW this wake is LIT

"When did people get so angry?  What has happened to the civility of our discourse?"
People are dang angry, it's true, and we act like it's a new thing, but if we're honest it's been here this whole time just like peanut allergies and gender dysphoria, we just didn't have to acknowledge it because it wasn't an issue that affected us or the people we know and love.
Social media sure changed that by creating connections between us, however tenuous or slight, and rather than admit that we happily lived in ignorance of the suffering of others and would like to go back to that, we tell ourselves that politics has polorised and extremists have taken over and we want a return to "sensible" or "the middle ground" when what we really want is for those who have found a voice to shut up because the terrible alternative is to admit that we just choose not to see that we are still living in history and that's the reason the glittering futures promised in our youth never arrived.  We're still serfs, this is still the dark ages, and nothing has changed just because we have the sum total of human knowledge and experience at our fingertips at all times because the only thing we've chosen to do with that knowledge and experience is to get angry at it when it tells us something we don't like.
"When did people get so angry?"  Fuck you.

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