Monday 31 October 2022

He sure wasn't killed by the flu!

OCTOBER 31st - BUCK ROGERS: SPACE VAMPIRE is, as regular readers of the blog - lol what a concept - may know, THE BOSS LEVEL OF HALLOWEEN VIEWING, and I watch it every year.  The heroes are heroic, the villains are villainous, the spooky bits are spooky, and the sci-fi bits are embarrassing reminders of the limitations of 1980s television budgets and how they could never stand in the way of the most powerful force in the universe: the imagination and willing suspension of disbelief of young boys who knew they weren't gonna get anything that looked like Star Wars on a tv screen so they damn well made do.
I unironically luuuuuuuuv Space Vampire, and if it wasn't an affront to God and explicitly illegal under Northern Ireland's draconian and frustratingly-specific laws on marriage, I would join in holy matrimony with it and make the Heavens tremble with our love.  And no, a civil partnership with it is not the same.
Sadly, I can't find the fantastically bonkers electronic suite for the episode anywhere on Youtube, so have some of the SPACE ROCKERS OST instead, being the original home of Johnny Harris' "Odyssey: Part 1", which damn near made me flip my wig when it appeared on the original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack, so it's a nostalgia double whammy.

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