Tuesday 17 January 2023

Nothing is broken, things are supposed to be this way

GLASS ONION?  More like uhhh ASS BUNYON amiright?

I'm probably not, as quantifying Rian Johnson's second murder mystery has thus far been a task that has defeated such towering intellects as Ben Shapiro and Critical Drinker, and if a cogent analysis escapes such objective and learned media critics, I surely have no chance of offering anything insightful about Johnson's lighthearted critique of meritocracy and great man theory that might be of interest to any passing readers.  Nonetheless, to anyone who cares about such things, I can offer that I very much enjoyed it, even though I didn't really think much of Johnson's Last Jedi, which I only mention because the vast majority of overly-harsh critiques of Glass Onion that I've come across seem to have a problem with getting to the end of the review without drawing your attention to the fact that that Last Jedi was not to their taste.  Millenials probably refer to this as "Long Butthurt", but I'm buggered if I can be bothered looking up what the avocado toast-eating bastards are actually saying, because my attention span is already a disaster without getting addicted to Chinese spyware apps while trying to look up what "fleek" means.  Yes, references to avacado toast and then fleek - Dear God I'm old.

There are some interesting takes on Glass Onion, particularly Pillar Of Garbage's examination of it through the lens of Disruption Theory not just as a central theme of the film but of Johnson's work to date, though philistine and simpleton that I am, I just liked it as a riff on the kind of cosy afternoon murder mystery television shows such as Psych and Monk, with the preceding film - Knives Out - reminding me of Columbo, while Glass Onion has the distinctly playful whiff of Diagnosis: Murder about it.

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