Tuesday 14 July 2009

Tuesday 14th July 2009

Scribbles again. I'm noticing major problems with my inking, but lack the necessary attention span to go and fix them through study. Much gnashing of teeth with the usual artist problem of feeling chuffed at finishing a piece, but the feeling lasting all of three seconds before you step back and only see what you've done wrong.
I can only learn as I go, though, and I can take solace that I've improved quite a bit from the first clumsy attempts at comics artwork nearly five years ago with the abominable Pony School and Love Is Hell for FutureQuake Press, for which I still consider every subsequent thing I've drawn for the imprint to be an attempt at recompense for what can objectively be considered to be utterly, utterly awful work that I may never live down.
Watching: Daria, True Blood, Tomorrow Never Dies, Kamen Rider Decade
Listening: Journey, O' Brother Where Art Thou OST, Ramones, New Found Glory, Donovan
Reading: Nation, Annihilation: Conquest V2

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