Monday 31 August 2009

Just watched Boy A and Straightheads back to back and I think I need a lie down. Seriously, when your movie double-bill ends with a screaming Agent Scully raping someone with a shotgun, it really is a sign to take a break, and thanks to the wonders of 'save now', I'll do just that and repair to the conservatory(1) for a snifter of port(2) and ruminations upon the subtext of Yeats' Innocence section of the classic 'Songs of Innocence and Experience'(3).

(1) kitchen
(2) Fanta
(3) Ratatouille, PS2

And now I'm back, fresh from the sheer majesty that was Black Samurai, which I finally got to watch in it's entirety.

Yeas, Black Samurai is pretty awesome right up until the bit where the main bad guy - a warlock no less - exchanges glances with his henchman and his pet when faced with the righteous fury of the Black Samurai, and makes what I consider to be the only sensible decision when deciding which of the two to throw at his most excellent and unstoppable foe:

And at this point YOU ARE GOING INSANE.
The pipes bit in Ratatouille royally own me. And this is a game for kids?

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