Monday 24 August 2009

Monday 24th August 2009

I'd do a review of the last restaurant meal I had if I thought it'd take up a paragraph or two, but I leave that level of self-affirmation to the Twitterverse - I totally need to know not just what you recently ate, dude, but your considered opinion on the merits of the Reggae Sub!
I know I find it hard to write anything on here and the cardinal sin of blogging is 'blogging about blogging', but I'm coming to suspect that the reason for that is so that no-one ever points out you need not so much confidence in your work or lifestyle that it be of interest to the web at large, but also a certain level of self-importance plays no small role in the posting of daily musings, and I really am the more reserved type even if I have managed to post something each day for the better part of three months now. Oh I'm blogging about me, now! Took a minute, but I got there.
Scribbling away at a more cartoony approach than usual, but much of my time was spent getting an eye for the differences in colour palettes between RGB and CMYK, and for the most part I'm flummoxed by the differences in the tablet display, the monitor at home, and the monitor at work. Learning curve.

My crappola movie of the day was the 'pish but nice gimmick all the same' Ready 2 Rumble starring David Arquette, some guy, Oliver Platt, and the cast of then-ECW before the merger with WWE. To call it utter crap is an insult to bowel movements, and I sure am glad I missed that one during my 'anything with a fight scene gets a viewin' period of filmic evaluation.

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