Friday, 13 August 2010

The dead! The dead walk the streets of Kalis!

Dagnabbit - barely got scribbling today at all - I am just so. Damn. Knackered. - so I didn't get to ink some old sketches to fill a post and instead must risk minor spoilering to do a screen grab which might, if you squint really hard - I mean if you squint really really hard - might just be the beginnings of a racist impersonation of an oriental stereotype that you are inexplicably doing to your monitor. If you squint at the screen grab, though, you can probably discern why I don't put screen grabs of thumbnails up much - too far removed from the end product where I'll presumably have addressed Mongrul's wonky legs, how bland Hammerstein looks and his off-center head, how clean Ro-Jaws is, etc - a lot of editing to get done, and I'm still not done thumbing some background details and a couple of the other characters I just can't get looking right at all.

Watching: nothing. I am that tired.

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