Friday 27 August 2010

He's lots of fun - weighs half a ton!

I went out and got some reference sketches and pics of the town for my long-delayed but now sadly inevitable attempt at a webcomic bafflingly set here:

Haha - I love you, Cookstown. Don't ever change.
Otherwise still on drawing (and by extension blogging) hiatus thanks to pc-related difficulty and running out of stuff to do for the small press for the first time in several years, which is oddly nice as I get to play the mounting stack of games I haven't got around to, on account of when I gather my witsof a day, I usually have to go draw something even though it's three in the afternoon, I'm not long out of my bed, and - let's be honest here - I'm pretty hungover. Not so this last week, which has been pleasantly pedestrian.

Watching: oddly little, even though I have the time. Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct is an oddly maligned beast, though - no better or worse in terms of production than something like UFO (which I'm also watching), but the times had passed Anderson by and moved onto highbrow sci-fi like Star Trek: Voyager, so SP got a lot of stick for essentially being a kids' series. Not that I'd go so far as to call it objectively good or anything, but unlike its competition, it was loud and eventful, and did have its moments, like the Terminator rip where all the character deaths are averted thanks to time travel bollockry, or the episode with a huge spaceship that can't slow down - meat and potatoes sci-fi spectacle, really, and with episodic sci-fi that's pretty much all you want, annoying toy robots aside.
Also rewatching The Wire, because I had somehow forgotten how good it actually was.

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  1. Space 1999 was the most beguiling confection of my childhood. Eagles, despair, dread and a general sense that in a minute or two a genuingly good series would emerge from all the promise.

    The X-Mas it premiered, Harrods, I think, had a Santa's Grotto with a Space 1999 theme. Or have I gone mad? Yet I can remember standing forever in a queue for it with my mother, though I can't remember much except, I think, a huge model Eagle.

    Series 2, though, is more problematical.

    The Wire? It's actually too good to ever remember how good it is. It exceeds even the highest expectations every time I return to it.