Monday 19 November 2012

In my heroin days, this would have been a perfectly acceptable first date

Six days, six pages.  That's the plan, internet... that's the plan.
Of late, I have caught up with Caprica, a show I avoided first time around as it seemed to be an origin for the bits of Battlestar Galactica that I hated - specifically all that creepy sexbot bollocks - and while it's okay - not good, but okay - it suffers from a complete lack of awareness.  This is a society which twenty thousand years ago had developed virtual reality, the American legal system, cars, car tax, licence plates, home computers, the internet, 24 hour rolling news coverage, digital satellite broadcasting, bicycles, domesticated dogs, pencils, mobile phones, cigarettes, touchscreen technology, catholic schools, talk shows, football stadiums, the word "Trojan", the English language, the English written language...
...And yet they have not invented the word "fuck".
This would not be a problem except they use the analogue for the word "fuck" ALL THE BASTARD TIME and it kept taking me out of things to think "these are only actors saying words that mean nothing."  Perhaps I am misunderstanding the aim of telly drama, but I always assumed it was to have me not do this.

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