Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It's not for me to say, but have you considered investing in food and running water?

Not much to report today, as real life stuff had to be taken care of, so I couldn't sit down and construct one of my usual blogging masterpieces.  Still drawing away, though, so there's that.  Got a ton of Hawaii Five-0 to catch up on, so plenty of blog filler to come as I try and fail to disguise my man-crush on Scott Caan - a man so ludicrous that his own father showed up in his show once to tell the character played by Scott Caan that his dad must think he's ludicrous.  Yes, I am waffling away about the new series of Hawaii Five-0 and I haven't even watched an episode yet, so just imagine how fun the blog will be once I've actually binged on a couple of hours' worth of it.

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