Friday 30 October 2015

Seems like a nice guy apart from the armed robberies and stuff

Blessed be!
I usually post an old supernatural-themed strip or two here on the blog around Halloween, but of late my older work is increasingly embarrassing to me so I have to churn out new material if I want to have a seasonal strip now and then, hence the above: The Next Life, a two-page script by my personal writing mule of ill omen, Lee Robson.  It's a year or two old, this one, being one of many things that once "in the bag" never seem to venture out of it ever again, usually because of some minor quirk that I find unbearable to look at - such as my fluffing the perspective on that very last panel.  Yes, I am that bloomin' precious - lord only knows how I ever released War Cars into the world.

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