Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Just tell me your safeword and let's go

Cyber Tracker is a dystopian drama that examines the dichotomy between law and justice via a near-future setting in which corporate America mechanises a recently-privatised court system.  This dichotomy plays out via exploding fire engines and people being kicked in the head until they fall over and/or explode, with noted thespians Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Richard "Australian" Norton never quite getting a good throwdown between them despite this being what any fan of early-90s head-kicking has turned up to watch.  I made the mistake of not watching this drunk, so not enjoying its knuckle-dragging charms for what they are is entirely on me, though I did like Don Wilson's hilariously terrible Flashback Wife, who huffs out the door towards an offscreen divorce so Don can swig whiskey in the dark while listening to the sexy voice of his home computer, and the closest he gets to hanging out with a real woman until like the last twenty minutes of the film is some jailbait he runs into for some reason.  For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure this was weird behavior in the 1990s, too.

Bone Tomahawk - The Searchers by way of The Hills Have Eyes, with Kurt Russell's grizzled small town sheriff setting out to rescue a deputy and a doctor from Native American cannibals.  Additional good turns from Patrick Wilson and Ed Norton can't stop a functional western horror from looking remarkably cheap for all the talent involved.

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