Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Stand firm for what you believe in until and unless logic and experience prove you wrong

I won't lie, I am currently watching the Blue Thunder spin-off tv series, and really, where can I possibly go from that statement - "it was not as good as I had expected"?
It stars Dana Carvey, you guys.  On purpose.
Sometimes I wonder what people make of the blog, apart from perhaps that I live in some sort of pop-cultural third world of old shit films and old shit tv shows and - latterly - old sci-fi novels that are actually quite good, occasionally popping in to the blog to screen grab pics of whatever random thing I'm doodling at that day and tell you you all how great that episode of Street Hawk is where he does the turbo hyper jump to spin 360 degrees in mid-air because of course I'm watching Street hawk, too - and I am 70 percent certain I am not imagining the sexual undercurrent of the voice-over man saying "to RRRRRIIIIIDE Street Hawk!"  I don't imagine today's post will do much to shake the impression I've worked hard to give.

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