Monday 24 July 2017

You're going to make some girl born in the mid-90s very happy

Aces Weekly stands alongside The Phoenix as a UK weekly you've likely never heard of because it's not clogging up the shelves of your local Smiths, as they've circumvented the supermarkets' protection racket on magazine placement that killed the UK comics industry and have used alternate circulation methods based on subscription and digital distribution, and to cut a long story short, my longtime writing donkey Lee Robson probably has compromising pictures of Aces Weekly publisher and proprietor David Lloyd and has used them to strongarm him into putting us in the book.

This is quite fortuitous, as Chuck Norris' lawyers are insistent that I do this instead of that graphic novel I was planning, so in a nutshell, Velicity Jones: The Devil's Breath is a 1960s-set pulp caper in the style of  Lew Grade's ITC shows, which is not even remotely the smallest niche I've produced comics within - heck, it's not even the smallest niche in UK-based spy comics with a female protagonist I've produced comics within - and will for some reason be appearing in a title that until now has featured comics royalty.
I have literally no idea how this has happened, but here we are.

If you fancy throwing a drowning man a rope, you can buy a subscription to the current volume (28) of Aces Weekly for £6.99 HERE to read on your laptop, smart tv, tablet, phone, pc, etc.  Me and Lee will be appearing in Volume 29, should you wish to support us.

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