Monday, 25 December 2017

People just don't behave like that - not even Germans

Been unwell, bit better now, writing a post while I wait to go to the pub.
MURRY KRISMAS ALL - enjoy it while you still can before those liberals and socialists that occupy all the positions of power and influence in the West outlaw Christianity, heterosexuality and being a white man AKA The Only Truly Oppressed Minority.  They won't be happy until we have Sharia Law, outlawed music, schools free from guns, and adequate medical coverage as a basic human right.
Nowt much has happened during my blogging absence, apart from some sort of collective delusion that The Last Jedi was a good film. It was a fine Stargate SG1 season finale circa seasons 7-10 (especially loved the expanded budget paying for superfluous space battles alongside the pointless B-plots padding out the running time until everyone retreats into a mountain to fend off the swarm of Apophis' army and/or his latest laser-based superweapon that can cut through the gate shield before one of those God-people with superpowers shows up to Deus Ex everything away), but it was not a good film objectively, flawed as it is in basic logic, lacking in consistent characters or arcs, as obsessed as The Force Awakens with rehashing the past with flashier visuals, and - hilariously - introducing as a late-in-the-day theme the idea that one should let go of the past and move forward.  Yes, that's right, a film that is the ninth in a series and which is mercilessly marketed towards people by appealing to their inner 9 year old to the extent it recycles entire scenes from the previous 8 not just expects this to work as a theme, but it has the notion delivered to the audience via the giggling puppet version of Yoda that has not been seen since the first half of a film made in 1980 because the writer/director has decided to ignore everything that happened in the canon since then - including the second half of that same film - and use the version of the character that he remembers best.
And the politics - oh sweet Allah the centrist dad politics!  Suffice it to say if you're still harping on about Clinton being robbed instead of admitting she was a horrible candidate because centrism was the problem with rather than the solution to running against a populist demagogue, then The Last Jedi is probably realpolitik incarnate, but if you're a snarky wanker who prefers the idea that when faced with populist demagogues you don't bitch on the sidelines about not having a political party pure enough to vote for once every four years and should just pick a fucking side and go down swinging, you're probably just going "WELP of course someone is profiteering from The Star Wars, they're called Walt Disney LOL."  NOTE TO SELF - ADD PRO BERNIE SANDERS REF HERE TO ANNOY PASSING CLINTS
The Last Jedi is a car crash of a film, but so expensive-looking and symbiotically/parasitically interwoven with the nostalgia - whether it be real or acquired through cultural osmosis - of its intended audience that it gets the benefit of the doubt that was denied the Prequels and Rogue One, and in this holiday season - or what's left of a holiday before the liberal socialist justice cucktard cultural Marxists purge anyone who isn't sufficiently pure - it's nice to see that people can come together and spread positivity and think well of such a bauble.  A shame they can't seem to do it without railing at mostly-imagined "Star Wars gatekeepers" out to Grinch Christmas for everyone (because THIS they get off their asses to get angry about), but then you can't have everything.


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