Saturday, 30 May 2009

I've just watched Hannah Montana: The Movie...

Yes. I know.

Confusingly, my 13 year-old nephew likes the film, which I thought about for a minute in order that the confusion might disperse, and then sort of twigged: 13 year-old boy. Ah.
Personally my only concern as regards Ms Cyrus center on my observation that she could do with eating a pie or two, and has what I personally consider to be a husky voice not just for a non-smoker, but for a grown man. Nice set of pipes when singing, though - regardless of musical genre or the relative merits of individual songs, I'm a sucker for anyone with a good vocal range.
I could try a blow-by-blow plot summary, but I'm not going to. It was quite inoffensive, featured the prerequisite greedy property developer vs American smalltown values plotline, sleazy journalist plotline which inexplicably goes walkabout halfway through despite an early heavy push, the ending song was appropriately rousing and shoehorned in, and I've sat through worse in the name of babysitting.
That's right, bitches - I'm talking Pokemon movies.

I dunno - maybe later generations will venerate this kind of thing as something other than pop-cultural jetsam of a civilisation on the verge of yet another period of recreation or deconstruction, in much the same way we now view the likes of Red Dawn and the Goonies as snapshots of an age rather than something that's old and shit.

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