Sunday, 31 May 2009

sundaze takin' it eazaay...

Nothing much happens on a sunday. Despite my connection with catholicism - monotheism especially - being a long-dead habit, I still enjoy lazy sundays coloured with a hungover beery haze - or stouty haze as is the case today, given last night saw one of my periodic bouts with the black stuff. I took the opportunity to try cycling for the first time in over a year, looked after my sister's kids for a while, then found myself colouring in a Power Pack fanstrip.

I would comment on the Tyrone win over Armagh, but I feel it would be a disservice to a generation of Northern Irishmen who follow a game that's not real football and never will be to pretend I have the first bloody clue what that game is even about. I saw like a dozen handballs in the firt half alone and the ref just lets it slide.
Amateur hour.
It was pretty damn hot today, too. Great to see the weather finally turn, but it means I'll have to make pipe-dream plans to do something significant with my summer again. Well, actually, what I normally do is think about making pipe-dream plans, then decide I'm definitely going to do something, then summer's over, I'm broke, and quite possibly horribly hungover to boot.
But this year? Things are going to be different, etcetera...

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