Monday, 12 October 2009

Sunday 11th October 2009

Nice lazy day off - hangover related - without drawing anything, and it's back to the not-terribly-burdensome grindstone of drawing funnybooks tomorrow. Caught up with some cinemagoing when we took my sister's weans to see Up, which was a great little film that plays the emotional manipulation card well and makes a nice change of pace with it's geriatric hero and willful absurdity.
Played my way through most of Marvel Alliance 2, or at least finished the Secret War redux, the Civil War section, and left it at some tacked-on nanite hacker storyline that I'm surprised didn't actually turn up in the comics, but its presence in the game does at least tie together some disparate strands that were left dangling by the actual comic storyline upon which the bulk of the game is based so far, particularly for the reactive (and thus constantly-aimless) Nick Fury character.
Watched some telly, with Smallville once again aiming too high, Sanctuary upping its game by seeming to have chosen a direction, and Stargate Universe disappearing up its own arse in what I consider to be record time for a tv series, even one made by the Sci-Fi Channel (now renamed Sy Fy, as if that alone will shake off the stink).

Back to the grind tomorrow. For tonight, it's off t'bed.

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