Friday, 3 September 2010

So what, man? You earned that buck like a motherfucker - keep that shit.

Well, back to the business of blogging whatever brain-farts I tend to be illustrating on any given day as my newly unfucked PC finds its way home and the utterly unwarranted self-importance of the blogger asserts itself and forces me back into posting for no better reason than I'm currently unemployed and I usually sketch to relax as much as to fill up small press mags with my increasingly childish scrawls so I may as well be filling up posts in this little corner of the web.
Apropos of nothing, my influence map as best I can assemble it:

Lots of stuff missing, no doubt - but the major players are up there.

What I can remember watching in the last few weeks since I last posted:
The Wire seasons 1-4: much has been said by better and more literate critics and fans, but rewatching does yield an even higher opinion of what I'd already thought of as a pretty damn great tv show. Even so, there's a moment at the end of season 4 where I was just "aw man, Bubbles!" I've oddly never seen The Corner, but that's my next stop after season 5 has been revisited.
The Time Traveller's Wife - a decent weepie derailed a little by a lack of any chemistry between the leads, who come across as very cold to the point I couldn't really care enough to choke up or cry manly tears. There's this bit where the main characters find out they have a time traveling 10 year old daughter who occasionally ends up naked in random places and their attitude is "well that'll be a wee adventure for her!" despite it being what causes her dad's violent death and throughout the film causes him to be beaten up, injured, reduced to thievery , arrested and ultimately alienated from all human contact - still, that's the fucking middle classes for you. The whole time travel element is poorly thought out, as the story dips in and out of being a massive predestination paradox, yet some stuff happens for no reason other than narrative necessity and the whole thing is otherwise brushed off as 'random' even though 'random' and 'predestined' are slightly at odds as concepts. I also notice that Deep Space 9's The Visitor predates the original novel upon which this is based by 8 years. Hmmm...

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