Wednesday 9 November 2011

Good tea. Nice house.

Hit and run posting again, given the late hour and the avoidance of taking screen grabs of any Babble pages currently in progress as I'm on the last nine pages and want to avoid spoilers. But if you don't mind spoilers, there's some lesbian sex and everyone dies off-panel, or maybe they become a single gestalt intelligence. Possibly I am not reading the ending properly. Or I am confusing it with Evangelion.
In the meantime, I also have to alter an older strip into some kind of presentable form and so will be likely screen-grabbing that project to keep the blog ticking over. Somehow, younger relatives have discovered what Uncle Bryan does as a hobby and have expressed an interest in seeing the book he's been drawing, so now I have to rustle up something suitable to show them and pretend that was what I was doing all along, and not the thing with the gay sex, constant swearing, and that one guy getting his head smashed in by a mob. Still, the older strip will do for blog filler and swapsies at conventions if nothing else, while I also have a few strips owed to some very patient lads indeed and you may be seeing those in passing - and for the lads in question, I imagine it's about bloody time they saw something from their very slow artist...

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