Monday 28 November 2011

That's not a heart monitor, it's a machine telling me I'm low on khakis

In non-scribbling-related news, I'll be having arsehole surgery in what passes for "the immediate future" with the sorry state of the NHS these days, but I at least have the consolation of being able to say "I'm having arsehole surgery - to cure me of being one" should the fancy take me.
I remember when we first got our local government over here and it was populated by (alleged) terrorists, it was somehow even more disappointing to see them turn into a bunch of ineffectual money-grubbing heels than if it was just your usual Tory lot on the make, as it kind of looked to me like "yeah, we killed all those people to get here, and now we're gonna close some hospitals anyway, so fuck you."

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