Monday 7 November 2011

Yeah you're nothing but a hoo-er! Yer a hoo-er! Get out of my house!

Got me an ABC Warriors strip appearing the current issue of Zarjaz and sorry to break with the traditions of classic self-whoring where everything is brilliant and shiny but I shall be frank and admit that I've let the side down by painting it with mud so you can't actually make anything out on the last three pages, but if you squint you can pretend I was trying to channel 2000ad's nineties phase where everything was painted with fag ends and brown acrylics. The strip is Broken Dreams and is from a script by Lee Robson, but don't let our presence put you off as there are actually good strips in this issue, particularly Richmond Clements and George Coleman's prog-ready Rogue Trooper and Emperor/Bruno Stahl's Dirty Frank: Holy Wrong, which is a comic strip about Alan Moore going back in time to kill Frank Miller. Rounded off with a Bad Company tale and a couple of good Dredds, it's well worth a read.

Buy it or I will murder you with fire.

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