Saturday, 28 April 2012

Those teenage girls you play ping-pong with are doing it ironically

Thankfully my Robocop-watching fugue seems to have passed, aided by The Future of law Enforcement, pilot episode for the tv version of the franchise, which despite my enjoying it through fresh eyes a couple of years back, I couldn't bear to watch the whole way through this time, even with a script by the writers of the first Robocop movie.  I do find the idea that Robocop couldn't ever have been a viable tv project rather strange, however, not so much because of the stuff telly makers can get away with showing these days but because there's plenty of mileage in the concepts at play in Robocops 1 through 3 to support a tv show even without the robo-rozzer at the center of things.  Instead of castrating the violence, a better approach might just have been to clumsily obscure it and make it seem like the work of tv censors trying to make Robocop's excesses palatable for tv viewers, seeing as ridicule of the media was a strong thread not just in the films but in the tv show as well, sometimes to surprisingly good effect given how naff RtS is in general, as "Up after the break - Scottish liberals resume mortar attacks on Liverpool" delivered in a deadly serious tone by a newscaster will never not be funny.  I guess nowadays Robocop would just have been a spoof reality tv show, with a camera crew following Robo around as he brutalises his way through the working and poverty-stricken classes for the amusement of - oddly - the working and poverty-stricken classes, interspersed with interviews with characters important to some ill-defined larger plot arc, but even then I think that might still be pretty entertaining, if only because it couldn't possibly be worse than Death Valley.
Back to posting Frank pages again as I didn't get near any work today - nothing Vista-related, my hands were playing up again so I just couldn't be arsed.
I really need to work on consistent line weight between my foreground and background inking, and to stop using checkered patterns to fill empty space.  Scriptwise, I think pretty much everyone says to not do huge swathes of text in balloons and to instead put it outside panels or something, and I suppose the alternative was that one balloon on top taking up the whole page if split into smaller chunks - but bollocks to that, as this story has taken forever to get nowhere as it is.

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