Thursday, 21 March 2013

I graduated MIT and then had a horrible accident and lost half my brain

Following up on my laying out why Star Trek V was better than the JJ Abrams reboot, I will now explain why Breaking Bad is not as good as 90210.  Actually, no, I won't do that because it is patently not true, but I would totally give that bullshit a run for its money if I ever tried to pull it on you.  I'd probably point to stuff like BB's meticulous season arcs and say this wasn't as fun as the approach 90210's writers take as they are now clearly writing stuff that is both based on whatever they last saw on the internet and just to amuse themselves, with the actors having gotten to the point where I think they're drawing on their own reaction to how stupid they think the scripts are to motivate their characters - there's this bit where someone finds out that their mate has been banging the stepmum of the guy who hates him at college and his reaction is pure "THERE ARE 30 MILLION PEOPLE IN LOS ANGELES THAT COINCIDENCE IS COMPLETELY LUDICROUS" but his dialogue is just "whoa.  What you think about those waves, brah?"

But to be clear, don't watch 90210.  Watch Breaking Bad.

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