Friday, 1 March 2013

That would be really nice if it wasn't coming from someone who'd punched me in the face

Penultimate page on the comic and I'm playing Suits and Dallas catch-up while I work.
Suits has jumped the shark despite an appearance from Wendell Pierce, but Dallas is glossy trash as ever, even if it's hard to see past Larry Hagman's final turn as rattlesnake oil baron JR.  The other plots give it a good punt at getting your dander up and Mitch Pileggi and Faran Tahir always exhude an onscreen presence even if badly utilised - not that they're poorly served here, especially Pileggi's hissable panto villain Harris Ryland who I shit you not straight up gets to steal someone's child and then get JR'd by episode 3 - but Hagman steals it even when he's clearly deflecting the plot and the camera onto his co-stars.  I'm maybe imagining that there's an undercurrent of the character shifting his focus onto the well-being of his family because I'm looking for a bit of salvation and redemption for the old rotter, but either way, it's still moving to see him amble around the sets and just about do so under his own power, working until he literally could not do so any more on the role that made him.

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