Thursday, 23 May 2013

If Jesus had a gun he'd be alive today

I am reasonably certain that boozing all day and then going to see Fa6t and Furiou6 6: Die Furiou6er is not the only reason I ended up enjoying it immensely.  It's full of action scenes outside the general remit of fast cars going fast while dudes punch each other's fists, and prizes being ludicrous over making a lick of sense.  It's a throwback to the style of action movie made in the 1980s and 1990s that I enjoyed greatly as a child but probably did serious damage to my brain and bless it's little cotton socks, Furiou6er is absolutely determined to do the same kind of damage to an entirely new generation.

The action scenes are quite lengthy, but unlike Star Trek Into Darkness, you're waiting for the next standout moment of silliness to occur within those scenes rather than stuck watching one silly scenario drag on too long, so it held my attention a lot better than Trek did. 
Lots of favorite bits, from Vin Diesel looking like Naughty Bear every time he's called upon to display emotion, or Vin Diesel not just head-butting someone but taking a running jump to do so and literally putting the man through a wall, the Rock interrogating someone by using him like a club to smash up the room they're in, Rock declaring "let's go pay CCTV a visit" and he really does mean that he is going to pay a visit to the man in charge of all CCTV in London, a music video London street race where people drive around on two wheels while women in bikinis - well, it is tropical London, after all - dance while hanging out of the windows, all English women wear Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, "handguns are illegal in the UK - she bought it from a pawn shop", a character hopping on a plane to LA and infiltrating a prison where he's attacked by violent murderers and which takes up about 40 minutes of screen time and he comes back to Vin Diesel to be told that the information he obtained is completely unimportant, people having a fistfight on the roof of a car that's hanging off a rope attached to a plane, Vin and Rock tag-teaming a guy to death, a tank chase whose payoff is so ludicrous I balk at describing it, and a scene where the characters actually pray to God and his son the baby Jesus to thank them for fast cars.  The tank chase should be a brilliant setpiece, but the way it just rolled over cars that had people in them and left them flat was a bit of a downer to an otherwise great sequence, creating an unnecessarily grisly undercurrent to a film that in my opinion should have stuck to being a fun and silly romp, as it is very good at doing that.


  1. Have not visited in awhile some nice stuff going on, was prompted by seeing a copy of Babble in Brusel comic store inBrussels keeping some lofty company. What are you drawing at the minute?

  2. Good to hear we're in with the Tintin crowd!

    I'm drawing a couple of pitches at the minute - character sketches, promo images and sample script pages - and polishing up a couple of strips with the intention of putting them up on the web somewhere.