Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Your mother is a spy and a woman - she will know.

I have a backlog of things that have to go up on the blog - even my virtual living space is a cluttered mess right now.  In the meantime, I gotta post something, prove I'm still alive, and in that spirit, I'll metaphorically hold up today's paper by recounting the last episode of telly I watched, which was DaVinci's Demons, some sort of historical revisionism thing where they try really hard to turn the Maestro into an action hero to the extent they portray him as a womaniser and that whole gay thing was naught but the underhanded slander of his - oddly effeminate - enemies.  Haha - you probably think I'm making this up - but no, this is really a television show made in 2013.
Also Defiance, a tv show made to tie into a videogame in yet another attempt by SyFy to achieve ephemeral relevance on the smallest amount of money possible, not realising that the last time they did this and succeeded they ran frightened from the influx of fans and cancelled the show that was successful.  This is also what they did the time before that, and the time before that.  Success frightens and confuses science fiction people, best to just keep airing reruns of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, if only because that show is fantastic.
But I don't mean to speak of thirty year-old plots, unconvincing effects, wooden acting and embarrassing dialog, I was supposed to be talking about Defiance... oh whoopsy, I don't suppose anyone will believe that was an accident so moving on, I enjoy Defiance regardless, as it's pretty much identical to Terra Nova in setup, only it seems to know what it's doing with itself, being very akin to Buck in its execution but with lots of references to hookers and space drugs because, you know, this is much more mature and gritty and stuff, and will really convince women to watch the show rather than dismissing it offhand as camp geek shite that oozes the impression that all involved couldn't do better in their respective jobs, so now they are here making television for shut-ins who like to wank off to images of sexy alien girls.

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