Monday, 20 May 2013

Yes, well... dull people get cancer too

Saw Star Trek Into Darkness, and while I enjoyed it on the whole, I didn't like it overall as much as the first one, felt it was about a half hour too long, and the whizzes and bangs got really boring by the end so even with Khan 911-ing San Francisco with the Evil Enterprise I was wondering when it would get entertaining again, and then it was just over.  Still, as remixes of Wrath Of Khan go, it was certainly one of the most expensive.

Speaking of things that are just over, Arrow finished with a Dark Knight rip-off... well, end as you start, I suppose.  Even the abominable Smallville had Green Arrow unmasking and copping to what he'd done because it was the only way to engender trust between "the public" and a self-appointed elite of posthuman vigilantes (a scene ripped off from Iron Man, admittedly), while Arrow eschews this acknowledgement of the elephant in the room of any secret identity-based superheroic work serious about putting a po face on things to disguise that it is essentially a childish story and instead reverts to the 8 year-old white power fantasy myth of a super-rich white dude who clandestinely murders dozens of people because he considers himself above the law and will have revenge for what was taken from him.  He also spends a season chasing his tail because his dad would rather play Pictionary than write "AND HE WILL PUT A DOOMSDAY WEAPON IN THE SUBWAY TUNNELS HERE" in his revenge diary, much as he will neglect to put "OH AND YOUR MUM WAS IN ON IT WITH ME".  It's a show that hand-waves sensible questions and generally advocates a fascistic and cowardly view of the poor as all that's wrong with the world, and I am not sorry to see it go.  It'll be back - the bad ones always come back.
Dr Who also ended this past weekend, on a daffy and excitable note.  There was running around and people going AHHH HIGH STAKES a lot, and it was generally business as usual, but business as usual for the Doctor is usually good fun, if a bit mid-Atlantic in its sensibilities - I don't think anyone can really view it as a British affair anymore.
I found out that Thundercats was cancelled - DANG - because the network that aired  it got an offer from Lego to co-fund an identical-but-Lego-themed and licensing-free series called Legend of Chima instead.  DICK MOVE LEGO.

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