Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm talking about waking up one day and realising you've wasted your life chasing stupid dreams

So the workshy layabouts of the country are to be taken to task and prevented from getting something for nothing and are to do a real day's work - no, millionaire MPs expenses aren't being cut and no, they're still going to use unpaid clerks to do the work that MPs are paid (less than) "chickenfeed" for, and what is going to happen is instead that the definition of the word "voluntary" is to be redefined to better align with the thoughts of the incumbent stewards of where the bar is set for policy - and yes, that is a torturous turn of phrase just to be able to use the "bar stewards" pun, but you've read the blog before, you know I don't have high standards - if anything it's your own fault for expecting better, and besides, it's not like I'd be entirely accurate if I used the term "elected representatives", is it?  The current lot are neither.
Not that this approach to the unemployed affects me personally, I eventually discovered after being sent on several "help to work" courses (an oddly-named enterprise as they neither help nor supply you with work), as it turned out that I shouldn't have been sent on them at all seeing as I was registered as a carer for an elderly member of my community - registered with the Social Services, no less, so the right hand has literally no idea what the left is doing, or - and I realise that this is a crazy suggestion with no basis in any kind of fact - "help to work" is not meant to help anyone, it is meant to punish the unemployed simply for being by making them jump hurdles of petty beaurocracy, and by "no basis in fact", I of course mean "I and many others have already been told this is the case to my face by employees of the local Job Center" but don't worry, I've not really gone political - I don't give a fuck how quickly we run this third world shithole into the ground - and I am merely making a point about bad tv and shite music like I always do and here it is: the poor are the enemy.
Our television is filled with dramas about the struggles of the rich and the middle classes, our music is filled with odes to the excesses of wealth, our comic books are full of super-powered rich people battling socialism - and every time a new working class family is introduced to Coronation Street, the viewer grumbling begins, every time someone writes a song about the dispossessed they're dismissed as a Billy Bragg-type loser, every time a superhero gets a real job they can't hold onto it because for various reasons it is beneath them or otherwise not to be - remember that time Buffy got a job in a burger restaurant and the fans said it was the weakest point in the series despite it being the closest representation of their own experience they'd seen in a mainstream tv show?  A show about a superhero fighting monsters from popular culture is more of a representation of young adulthood than actual television programmes about young adults... well okay then.
Everything we are exposed to in our culture paints us as the enemy and we can't really be so surprised that Dave "murderer" Cameron has turned on us in his ongoing quest to look like he's clued-in with the consensus experience and not just a millionaire out to smash-and-grab what public services he can for himself and his rich mates before he's kicked out in 2015, which I think we can all go ahead and call right now, though I don't bar a miracle on his behalf as it seems to be the season for it if the baffling canonisation of Pope John Paul II is any indicator - I thought you needed to perform a miracle before you could become a saint, and call me old-fashioned but I don't think "making generations of sexual assault survivors disappear" really counts.

Why no I did not get laid this weekend FUCK YOU.

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