Thursday, 3 April 2014

There's a really creepy guy who works in my liquor store but that doesn't stop me going in there four times a week

Flipped that first panel at the drawing stage for some reason that escapes me, creating a counter-intuitive flow between the direction of the visuals and the direction in which the English language reads, but there's probably manga nerds looking at it thinking "this single panel is the only one that's been done right" shortly before going back to fapping themselves stupid over how the publishers of Naruto have really retained the artistic and cultural integrity of a story about a kid in a boiler suit kicking people in the face for 4000 pages.
I HATE MANGA NERDS but paradoxically I still love manga deeply as the pages of Manga Mania were a formative artistic influence.  Along those lines, Chris Sims has a great anecdote about weeaboo nerds that's worth a read.

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