Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I have too much money and my wallet's so heavy my back hurts

Joker goes on the list of things I can't draw.

I watched The Last Starfighter again, and it really is in need of a remake or a sequel, though should you wish to live the dreams of your 8 year-old self and play the Starfighter arcade game from the film for yourself, a near-perfect fan-made recreation (with sound sampled from the film) can be downloaded HERE.
As much as I still love it as an unashamed escapist romp, there's something a bit off about what a snob the main character Alex is to his friends, berating them for wanting no more than to enjoy their youth and making the best of their opportunities before he goes gallivanting off to space to be Jesus or whatever, but then a lot of films from this era are like that: overly-vocalising the internal struggles of a character with their status or station in order to better illustrate their later readiness to accept what Joseph Campbell called the "call to action", though is possibly better thought of as a conscious decision to move from the hated status of reactive victim of to active participant in the story cycle, so  before the protagonist can fully embrace a capacity for agency, they are kind of a dick.  I guess it was a thing in the 1980s.

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