Thursday, 25 August 2016

I spent so long looking the other way my neck got tired

Star Command is faintly embarrassing but enjoyable bunkum, which can be viewed on Youtube alongside the similar Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy, a failed tv pilot from Joe Dante of a similar bent,.about spaceship people fighting off a rising menace and the Coming Storm blah de blah de blah - you know the sort of thing, they were like a televisual pox in the late 1990s and somehow of all of them, Star Trek Voyager managed to stick around.
Anyhoo, while there's a ton of this stuff available on Youtube, I wouldn't go so far as to say the people who own the rights to it are "okay" with it being there so much as they've given up trying to track it down and get it deleted, but I suspect there's also an element of their selling their catalogue of old tosh on to streaming content providers like Netflix or Hulu or Chumbawumba or whatever as a big batch and figure they've made what they're like to make out of it and now it's someone else's problem.  Whatever the case may be, I bring it up to both fill a few paragraphs, and because it's interesting to see it alongside fan productions and short movies of often-higher quality, particularly Star Trek Continues and the odd Star Wars effort.
The idea that there's an even playing field between professional and fan-produced content is fascinating to someone like me, seeing as how I am throwing content at the internet like a crazy person and never placing any value on it or even trying to promote it.

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