Monday 1 June 2009

Random doodle, poor film, hothothot

Doodle: an alternate version of the Fantastic Four comprised of Franklin and Valeria Richards, Molly Hayes and Katie Power. Can't imagine why they'd be the Fantastic Four off the top of my head - maybe the real deal are off in another dimension when trouble arrives on Earth or something - but the basic premise is that each issue would have the characters encountering different heroes from the Marvel universe and eventually punching them in the balls, learning a valuable lesson about trust or friendship along the way.

The doodle came about because I was watching Silent Venom, AKA the film that pointedly isn't called Snakes on a Sub and is all the worserer for it. Luke Perry stumbles around a leftover set while snakes sort of amble around in the background somewhere - it's just not very good: let's leave it at that.
I'm stuck why I thought it would be, or why I watched it in the first place, but it was sweltering today, and I felt suitably guilty being indoors at all.

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