Friday 18 December 2009

Don't worry - the above thumbnails make perfect sense to me! Finally finished lettering and colouring the first chapter of Babble and find myself at a loose end that I can hopefully use to clear up other commitments and projects left on the 'IN' pile.
Firstly, some killer bear pages need sorting, then the next chapter of a bit of future-robot malarky that SFX magazine described as 'Asimovian' even though that's not a real word, and some superhero-y stuff 'for kids' that kind of wandered off the 'for kids' reservation because planning ahead is not my strong point and it's basically a freeform thing that makes little senseand will probably end up as filler on this blog at some point in the near future.
All of this hypothetical work being done by the Me of the far future is, of course dependent on being awake and not needing to sleep every five minutes thanks to a headcold with all the trimmings like lethargy, nausea and aches in the extremities I've picked up, but at least I got Babble wrapped up so I can put my feet up for a bit.

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