Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Watching Push, I'm struck by a few things.
1 - This is pretty silly without being much fun, which strikes me as a bit of a waste.
2 - Dakota Fanning seemed to be doing alright until she had to play a drunk. Perhaps I should be more forgiving on account of her being two years old and probably not getting tanked off her fanny that much what with the acting and stuff taking up any of her time not devoted to... erm, whatever it is girls that age get up to, presumably stuff with ponies or shoe shopping - but no, I shan't be swayed here: she plays an utterly unconvincing drunk in the same way Chris Evans plays an unconvincing anything at all, and no goddamn way is that an absinthe hangover. Do your bloody research, girl.
3 - One of the actors is called Digimon and that is fucking awesome.

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