Saturday, 15 January 2011

Chris, this is just a shaded-in triangle with the word "muff"

Gah! Perspective - my (and arguably Jack Kirby's) nemesis!
Thankfully this is what Ctrl+T was invented for - dude that makes a pencil that can do it will be almost as rich as the guy who invented the pencil that does Ctrl+Z.

Watching: The Green Hornet - which has been savaged by critics thus far, but which I thought was alright if not essential. It's filled with that 'mumbling out punchlines or vaguely inappropriate comments' humor that's in vogue of late, so the superhero element comes off as forced, and the need for ever-more destructive set-pieces culminates in Green Hornet's cover story as a criminal wiping out his competition essentially being replaced with that of a terrorist/mass murderer at large in Los Angeles and that really doesn't sit well with the tone it's going for, but like I said - it's worth a watch if you're in an indulgent mood, just not a defining moment in cinema, though lord knows why every film needs to be. Can't we just go see films because we've nothing better to do and be perfectly happy that they don't offend us too much? I'm happy with that, to be honest, and I think most people are too. Green Hornet is one of those.
It's also the first film I've seen in the 3D and it's likely not the best first 3D experience given that I thought the effect either detracted from the film or was unnecessary for the current scene, though the bit near the end with the updated tv show logo and theme in 3D screamtune-o-rama was boss.
The Green Hornet - for a fan movie it's pretty good, though it goes nowhere and ends abruptly. Made by Frenchmen and shot in the English language, which you can kind of tell.

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