Friday 21 January 2011

you know when my father wants something it's like sex with Kobe Bryant - you can kick and scream all you want, but it's gonna happen

No work done today, just thumbs.

Jack Daniels was the snifter of choice last evening and I can safely say I won't be doing that again in a hurry. I am really out of the habit of drinking it.

White Collar
2.10 - glossy trash, just how I like it. A bit short on explosions and punch-ups for my liking, but Human Target took a huge dip this season and I need something to be on while I do other things and the improbably pointy-chinned main character of this is somehow not quite smarmy enough to hate to the point I stop watching. Not yet anyway.
Never Let Me Go - in which there's this bit where someone strokes the cheek of the sheep-like main character and calls her a poor creature and it suddenly occurred to me the movie was, if you chose to read it as such, a metaphor for the the English class system as it doesn't actually exist outside whimsy, with the upper/ruling classes never seen and the educated middle classes doling out judgement upon the pitiable working (under) class of ambulatory organ donors who meekly comply to their own deaths-by-inches without ever once questioning why their lives are worth less than their organ recipients. I did like it, all the same, but in the same way I like those daffy episodes of Trek where Voyager's Doctor is kidnapped by a private hospital, or that one where the captain turns into a space walrus because her ship goes too fast and which was so bad the makers decided it would never be referred to ever again.
Royal pains 2.13 - more glossy trash, but this one is about a doctor who works near a beach and whose dad is played by the Fonz. EYYYY!
Sportsdome 1.2 - which has the touching story of a young girl with cancer who only has her hate to keep her going.

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