Monday, 17 January 2011

Yeah, I can sew - why do you ask?

Today I was reminded that other generations have a much more accepting attitude towards death than mine does. The word I would use is 'resigned' and while there's much to be said for dignity in the face of death, I like to think kicking and screaming is the way to go and none of this "it's just a matter of time" stuff, though I do appreciate that for the most part we don't really get a say in the matter.
Still, it's sobering stuff and I have the perfect antidote.

For sobriety, I mean.
By which I mean that I'm going to get drunk like I do most nights.

Watching: The Simpsons 22.11 and holy crap this has been on the air 22 years now. I have vague recollections of people trying to convince me to watch it rather than avoid it because it was never off BBC2 and always seemed to be the same damn episode, but even my patchy viewing history is enough that I know its best days are behind it. This week's is pretty funny, though - Moe turns his bar (Moe's) into a gay bar (Mo's). Not great, but some solid laughs to be had here and there.

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