Friday, 22 June 2012

Get back here, you backwards hill-people - there is evidence in that shark!

Didn't get much done today as I crawled out of the kipper at a disgraceful 2:30, the consequence of being actual proper unemployed now instead of just having a lot of free time in my afternoons, though I did manage some bad inking on a terrible design for a robot that I'm sadly locked into it as he appeared in a book that saw print about five years ago.
The first Dredd trailer hit today, and being an action movie snob - yes, there are such things -  I found it looked generic and more than a little dumb, but that's what all trailers look like these days so there's no point slagging it this early, especially since there's a glimpse of the odd bit of potential even if "this future-drug makes things happen IN SLOW MOTION" is just begging to be laughed at in its stupid ten-years-too-late-to-be-satire face.

Although it's worth saying that the Hall Of Justice looks like some sort of rad nightclub.

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