Thursday, 21 June 2012

You know what we should do? We should enrol you in some man classes.

Just a quick post to meet the daily obligations.  I am currently watching Aliens and the downstairs flat is apparently getting a goat to cut the grass out back, and I do not mean a person who is derogatorily referred to as a goat who will use tools and utensils to trim the foliage, I mean an actual mammalian bovidae who will eat it with his actual goat teeth, because when you are a guy fixin' up a flat with no roofing, flooring, working electrics, ventilation, and which has been declared unfit for human habitation on two separate occasions, what you really need to top things off  in the eyes of your upstairs neighbors is a quadruped of the capra genus running around and shitting on everything because the last time you went into the back yard you somehow managed to smash all the gates into tiny gate pieces.
I think the downstairs landlord is an idiot, is what I am saying.
Or perhaps a genius.  I just realise now that "unfit for human habitation" does not apply to goats.  Of course, goats can't pay rent - or can they?  I'm so confused now...
John Cena is a man with many words on his resume: actor, singer, rapper, comedian, wrestler - unfortunately they all come right after the word "failed", though I have a soft spot for Bad Man, the video starring as it does the late Gary Coleman, who once starred in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century telling a space villain not to be "laying any of that Doctor Doom jive," and that is good enough for me.


  1. Mr Brigonos, may I suggest - indeed plead - that your next project be a graphic novel - or even a comic strip - concerning this world of landlords, goats, genre movies and devastated back gardens. It strikes me as a Peanuts for the world's-gone-to-hell-and-I've-bought-the-merchandise-mofo generation.

    Or something.

    Good luck with the insanity that is Other People.

  2. Surely you'd need to be Jimi Hendrix before you could justify a biographical comic, Colin? Mind you, I've read Revolver...