Thursday, 28 February 2013

I danced an Amish boy to death

Today I am redrawing feet because I jinxed it by mentioning them yesterday, and rewriting dialogue because me from the past was an even worse writer of things and stuff than the me of now.  Seriously, dialogue that has to exposit and infodump and still be organic is a pain in the old hole - wish I was writing them teen dramas where people look each other in the eye and say things like "your dad is the chief of police" or "you're the head of a Fortune 500 company" right to someone's face and no-one goes "Yeah, I know that - that's my life, man.  Why wouldn't I know what me or my father does for a living?"
Also I am writing blog posts and prevaricating about getting back to the writing, so it looks like a late night until I rewrite these two whole dang panels... no BS, I will probably end up redrawing them because it's easier to draw something else and then write new dialogue for those new panels.
I need to plan my work a lot better.

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